If you are incarcerated and indigent and think that you can go into a court in Orange County Superior Court and represent yourself in any matter you are sadly mistaken. 

The Orange County Superior Court has made it clear that if you are going Pro Per in a criminal matter, you will receive the worst defense team that you can imagine. The first step for a pro per defendant in this process is to go into department C5 and make a case before the judge that you can represent yourself in a Pro Per case. 

Next the judge will tell the pro per a story or give the pro per some discouraging advise on representing themselves. What the judge told them wasn’t advice, it was a "warning"- because underlying in that advice is a vendetta that they will answer to since they did not take the court's advice.

Most normal people think that we still live in the age of Constitutional Rights guaranteed in the 6th amendment that simply says that "you" will be able to have a fair and speedy trial. That "you" will be able to confront adverse witnesses and have compulsory process for obtaining witness in your favor. You might even think that your rights to “Due Process of Law” guaranteed in your 14th amendment would be respected. Hopefully your rights will be guaranteed when you move to the Federal phase of your case because you will be convicted without those rights here in Orange County Superior Court. There is no doubt about it. Read the case files of these defendants if you do not believe me. 

Here is the recipe to conviction here in Orange County Superior Court if you go pro per. First you will go into department C5 and the court will assign you their primary court appointed investigator that works on about 95% of all cases that qualify for auxiliary services. This is done through a service called “Alternate Defense Service”. The judge who sits and resides in C5 is also the "head" of the Steering Committee for Alternate Defense Services. This judge has a supervisor who makes sure that the department is managed to the judges liking. This supervisor will make sure that a Pro Per defendant gets their primary court appointed investigator. Now this doesn’t always apply to pro per defendant, he is also given on conflict and other cases where the services of a court paid appointed investigator is needed. 

Here are the detail of the courts primary appointed investigator. The investigator boast to his clients that he does not work for them. He says that he works for the courts and the county and he can do anything that he wants to on a case and the defendant can not fire him or do anything about it. Mighty big words! However, this investigator can back these words up because he does absolutely everything that he wants to do on the defendants case.